Jimsonweed discovered in Lacombe County

Jimsonweed, also commonly known as Devil’s Trumpet, has recently been discovered in a number of canola crops within the Lacombe County.

This plant’s seed, similar in size to the canola seed, is prohibited under the federal weed seed order, and is not allowed in Canada.

According to a press release from Lacombe County, they are asking farmers to be vigilant for this tall and showy weed and report any sightings to Dion Burlock, Agricultural Fieldman at 403-782-8959.

Jimsonweed grows to be about 1 1/2 metres tall, typically towering over canola crops, with thick red to purple stems and pinkish, purplish, whitish trumpet shaped flowers.

The leaves have irregular toothed margins and the spiked seed pods contain approximately 600 – 700 per capsule.

All parts of this plant may be poisonous, especially the seeds, to humans and livestock.

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