Jersey number 99 takes on new significance

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Gretzky might have some competition! Local residents Alvin Bishell and Elmer Bridge display the famous number on their jerseys, but with a different purpose: both men were 99 years of age as of 2013.


The gentleman played hockey against each other over 80 years ago. Alvin, born February 24, 1914 played for the Loyalist hockey team and Elmer, born December 2, 1914 played for Talbot.


This photo of the Loyalist team in 1932 includes a young Alvin Bishell who would have been around 18 years old when the photo was taken. He appears without the “Loyalist” name on his sweater because his mother wouldn’t let him play hockey on Sundays, so he had to sneak out to appear in the team photo!


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