Jealous, envious and lawless occupation

Dear Editor,
For any or all who have had the stomach to listen or watch American politics during the last few months, we have been treated to a microscopic view of just what kind of creatures inhabit a swamp.
Although swamps may exist they certainly are not attractive.
They are murky, slimy and dark places full of strange and sometimes dangerous beings.
Here we find the bottom feeders, those who love to stir up the muck and mire in order to obtain their lunch.
Offer such beings a nice clean environment and they show no interest because they love the goop and goo of the swamp.
I must admit I have pretty well lost any respect I may have had  for the press or the left wing mind set, which are basically one in the same.
Muck and mire seems to be their main diet and they churn it up and out in the most predictable way.
One should be careful not to engage in “rash generalizations” and admit there are a few on that side of the so-called aisle that are not swamp dwellers, who search for the truth and facts, but they are difficult to find for anyone reading or watching the news.
Most of us do not admire poor losers or an individual that always finds someone else to blame for their own failures.
Most of us do not go to bat for those who manipulate the truth in order to make themselves “look good”.
Most of us know that blowing out another’s candle will not make yours shine brighter and eventually will leave you in a very dark place.
But in order to retain power and wealth, politics has become a jealous, envious and lawless occupation in more instances that we care to name.
As I read recently, it is difficult for any individual to change their mind when they are being paid not to.
Bureaucrats or career politicians are, in a sense, being paid not to change their  minds.
If truth should come to their attention about a certain story or item, they hesitate to change as they could risk their very livelihood.
So like sheep, they keep travelling down the same path, bleating away until the ruts become so deep the walls of their philosophies collapse in upon them.
Lust for power accompanied by envy is a terrible driving force.
Scriptures tell us it was for envy they took Purity, Truth and Love, hired false witnesses to tell lies about Him, and nailed Him to a cross.
They feared they would lose their power, their wealth, their reputation. In reality they had already lost just what they were trying to hang on to.
Let us not be persuaded to follow that path but be willing to seek truth and facts, no matter what it costs, rather than a crowd of mockers and muckrakers.
Faye Pearson
Stettler, Ab

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