Jam Packed

The month of February had flown by! Between five snow days, multiple indoor recesses, two ski trips, Valentines Day, Hundredth Day and much other fun activities, the short month was about as jam packed as it could be.

On Thurs. Feb. 21, the Jr. ATB crew helped 21 customers deposits their funds.

There were seven students who were working as the bank staff and they did a great job providing quick and friendly service.

The winners of the monthly draws were Temperance Pockett, Wesley Pocket and Murry Bicknell.

The Grade 3/4 class were super lucky on Fri. Feb. 22, as they had visitors to their classroom for a special presentation about Tunisia, a country they have been studying as part of their social studies curriculum.

Melissa Nichols and her husband Marouan Chaibi, who is originally from Tunisia, brought in original artifacts, beautiful clothing they wore in the country, an informative slideshow, and some delicious Tunisian desserts.

The students enjoyed trying on the clothing and sampling the sweets. The generous guests even presented the students with gifts at the end of the presentation.

Pink Shirt Day

Pink Shirt Day was on Wed. Feb. 27. This is antibullying initiative started years ago by two high school boys from Nova Scotia who encouraged all their classmates to wear a pink shirt in support of a Grade 9 boy who was being bullied by some other students for the exact same wardrobe choice.

As Theresetta donned their best and brightest pink tones, the school talked a lot about being kind, including everyone, and thinking “pro-kindness”!

Standing up to bullies is everyone’s responsibility and the more voices that send the message of celebrating people’s differences, the harder it is to ignore.


by K. Smawley

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