It begs the question why?

Dear Editor,
It begs the question why?, regarding why no Alberta leadership candidate wants the RCMP instead of a provincial police force.

In my opinion, the answer is obvious to anyone who looks beyond the RCMP union propaganda, has followed the Nova Scotia mass murder investigation, the SNC Lavalin affair, and the Aga Khan, Trudeau cosy-up.

The RCMP brass and bureaucracy follow Prime Minister Trudeau’s wishes. In responding why they didn’t charge Prime Minister Trudeau for his illegal activity in the Aga Khan vacation; the response was “that it would have undermined confidence in the

Commissioner Lucki has admitted that she interfered in the Nova Scotia mass murder investigation at the request of the Prime Minister’s office (PMO) because she had promised the Prime Minister to help him with his gun bans.

I have nothing but respect for the rank and file RCMP but after years of following story
after story and dealing with the RCMP Firearms Centre, nothing but disdain for the

The union has convinced the municipalities that the cost of policing will go up with a provincial police force because of the federal government not covering 30 per cent as they do with the RCMP. Even so, I believe that Albertans would be better off with a police force loyal to Albertans rather than one subservient to Trudeau.

However I would go one step further and Alberta have it’s own tax collection, pension
fund and immigration control and we negotiate transfer payments. Maybe we can keep that 30 per cent.

An even better scenario, Alberta secedes or establishes sovereignty with Canada and
we keep the 20 billion that we sent to Ottawa annually that they use to buy votes in Quebec and the Maritimes so that they can remain in power.

Then they can put lock downs in place at will, ban firearms and put warning labels on
ground beef, a mainly Alberta product and the Prime Minister can continue to fly around the world throwing money at despots while lecturing Canadians on cutting emissions.

Gord Snell,
AKA Mr Separatist
Three Hills, Alta.

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