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Coronation School
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Coronation School

Coronation School

Schools in the Clearview School division are in good shape with no critical issues, a report issued by the school district stated.

The Clearview School Division has issued its annual Facilities Report, which highlights the overall health of the district’s buildings.

The report, submitted to the school board during their regular meeting on Monday, December 24, consists of a capital plan, infrastructure maintenance and renewal reports and inspection results from Alberta Infrastructure. The report is designed to provide a clear picture to trustees to help guide their decisions and give them a  better idea of the condition of the learning environment for both students and teachers.

According to the report, the schools in the division are in ‘good’ condition, with some ‘deficiencies’. The report specifically points out the ongoing work at Wm. E. Hay School in Stettler which brought the school to a modern state. The report also points out ‘major’ issues at Coronation school, specifically water drainage issues, electrical supply problems  and problems with flooring. These issues will be dealt with in the coming year. The most pressing capital issues, according to the report is replacing the gymnasium floor at Stettler Middle School and two modular units for Gus Wetter School in Castor. While the school building itself is only eight years old, the school has already achieved its maximum enrollment and requires extra space.

Water issues at Coronation School are thought to be caused by a high water table, which is suspected to be responsible for significant water infiltration in the automotive shops and bus parking lot, the latter causing the asphalt surface to crumble. A project to replace flooring in two classrooms  turned into a major project after poor application of a concrete subfloor during a previous repair was discovered to be the cause of floor buckling. The subfloor will be replaced during the 2013 summer break. An engineer consultant has been hired to examine the issues at the school and decide how best to handle it.

According to the report, repairing the damaged parking lot and bus pickup area will cost $190,000. The automotive shops water infiltration issue will cost $45,000 to rectify, with the flooring issues costing $18,000. The parking lot repair is the most expensive repair listed in the report.

Fire alarm upgrades were also carried out at schools in Big Valley, Erskine and Donalda to bring those schools up to code. Flooring was replaced at Botha, Brownfield, Byemoor and Stettler Middle School.

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