Invitation sent for renewal of contract 

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Delia council mulled over their options as to what to do about an expired contract for a property with the potential for building a home.

The contract allowed for this construction process to take place but since then, the date had expired and administration added that they had contacted the interested party several times about the approaching deadline on Dec. 31, 2020.

No extension was asked for either but administration has gotten word that he is ready to start building within the next couple of months.

The contrct needs to be renewed before building can commence.

Coun. Jordan Elliott mentioned that other people have been interested in this property, noting they would also be willing to build there.

She didn’t feel it was right to give an extension to Stevenson without being fair to everyone else by opening up the lot to everyone and advertising it again.

Ultimately, after further discussion, Deputy Mayor Robin Thompson made a motion to extend an invitation to Lyle Stevenson to renew his contract with the stipulation that the foundation be laid before July 1, 2021.

Mayor Sisley voted in favour while Coun. Elliott voted against. The motion carried 2 – 1.

Library directors appointed

The Delia Library Board has asked council to extend the appointment terms for an additional three years for Ryan Duckworth, Colette Morlock and Leanne Framingham.

No reason was given as to why the appointments are being renewed.

Council passed the motion to extend the terms for all three directors.

Auditor updated

At the organizational meeting held in early October of last year, a motion was made to appoint Endeavour Chartered Accountants as the ongoing village auditor. As of January 2021, their name has changed to Ascend LLP to reflect the new management.

Council made a new motion to appoint Ascend LLP to be their ongoing auditor for the village.

Watershed Alliance request

The Red Deer River Watershed Alliance requested their annual per-capita donation to support their efforts in promoting water conservation efforts.

Council agreed to give them 50 cents per capita for a total of $108 for 2021.


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