Interest from potential businesses

Delburne council heard at their May 28 meeting that several potential commercial businesses were looking at Delburne. One of these potential businesses would be a fuel station. Since the U.F.A. ceased operations in 2017, the community has experienced difficulty purchasing farm fuel and lubricant products locally.

Council was informed that the matter of expanded seniors housing continues to draw interest by developers.

Council approved the amendment to two bylaws. The monthly payment of Property Taxes and the Fees and Charges bylaw change requested is to allow taxpayers in arrears to pay in instalments. This option was not provided for in the previous bylaw.

Council also delegated the authority to the chief administrative officer to enter into any T.I.P.P. (tax instalment payment plan) agreement with the taxpayer of a property on behalf of the council.

The second bylaw, Schedule A was amended to increase several fees and charges.

Chief Administrative Officer, Karen Fegan brought to Council’s attention that a vacant property with outdated improvements had been turned over to the village in a tax sale auction in 2018.

However, before the building can be removed from said property, the asbestos in the building would have to be removed.

Council agreed unanimously to accept the bid of $3,570 to remove the asbestos only.

Council learned at their regular May 13 meeting that under the Municipal Development Plan between Red Deer County and the Village of Delburne, the proposed ‘recreation area’ on Delburne Lake is now under the ownership of the County and mapping has been completed.

An area structure and development plan is being designed.

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