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Tiara van Zandbergen of Castor intently looks at her music sheet as she plays her written piece
of music on the piano during Keyboard Camp in Biggar, Saskatchewan.
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Castor’s own Tiara van Zandbergen has made a big indent in the world of music these past few months.

She and 10 others had their top piano pieces chosen to be published in a book titled ‘Fingerprints’ by the editor of the Keyboard Camp in Biggar, Saskatchewan.

Many from the camp requested their work get in but were turned down.

The camp, which took place on Wednesday, August 8 and Thursday, August 9, offered students ages seven to 21 the opportunity to develop their skills through techniques and other trained qualities.

It was made possible through the Canadian National Conservatory of Music.

At the camp, attendees were split up amongst different age groups and skill levels, each team with a leader who was typically one of Canada’s top piano composers.

“So they come and we all compose like one big group song together and then we performed it the very last day,” said van Zandbergen.

Mini sessions were created so each age group can interact with more composers than just their assigned leader.

“We learn stuff like cording and how to learn a pop song in like 10 minutes and stuff like that,” she said.

Van Zandbergen’s piece titled “This Is Just the Beginning” originally began in November of last year.

“I realized like ‘Oh, I am going to university next year and it’s a new change in my life’ so it’s basically from me now going into university and starting what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

Van Zandbergen had the special honour of performing her song in front of not only young musicians but some of Canada’s top composers.

A mini-recital was also held for musicians that were featured in ‘Fingerprints’.

The young composer began her love for piano at a young age as she was always curious to try but didn’t have access to one for a long time.

Eventually, her step-father had a piano at home so she was able to start lessons which sparked major interest.

Two years ago, her piano instructor told her about a camp that takes place in Yorkton, Saskatchewan.

“After that camp meeting a bunch more Canadian composers, I decided I was going to write a song so I did that but it didn’t get published. I ended up going to provincials with it,” she said.

The camp rotates as to where it will be so last year it was in Ontario before coming back to Western Canada.

“I went to the camp this year and it just turned out that my second composition that I wrote got into the book,” explained van Zandbergen.

A composer she met at another camp was the main reason behind her inspiration to keep writing music.

“My favourite part would probably being able to meet actual composers of people who I performed songs at the music festivals and it was just really nice seeing them and how they teach and like to compose. It was a lot of fun.”

She attributes her success to support and inspirational backing from family and her piano teacher.

The 18-year-old just graduated highschool and hopes to pursue a 5-year Bachelor of Science Combined Education Degree at the University of Lethbridge which she will use to become a university professor.


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