Inconvenient truth on ‘sentinels of absurdity’

Dear Editor,

It seems one characteristic of “Woke” Cancel Culture Political Correctness run amok and the cancelling of the fossil fuel industry in North America is, as long as it fits the radical leftist narrative and there are fortunes to be gleaned, it matters not how utterly impractical and unsubstantiated the scheme. 

As I write (Dec. 31-0530 hrs.) in Coronation the mercury sits at -34°C, wind speed is 10 km/hr. 

The monuments to ignorance otherwise known as wind turbines in the Paintearth Wind Farm are producing nothing. 

Most life long Albertans are aware that during prolonged extreme cold spells the wind tends to fall still. Same thing with hot spells. But the minds of the various Government Departmental Bureaucracies who give consent to wind projects are already made up so it’s not exactly kosher to confuse them with facts.

Once the Quebec Drama Teacher succeeds in destroying the fossil fuel industry in Alberta and Saskatchewan including natural gas supposedly by 2030, how will home heating systems function on such mornings as this? 

How will ‘taxpayer subsidized’ Tesla cars get charged up? There is not a snowball’s chance in Hades that it can happen on stored electrical juice. 

The socialist, Notley, has already saddled Albertans with the enormous expense of killing the coal industry (including clean coal) so, having thrown the baby out with the bath water, don’t look for that alternative to return anytime soon.

The real “inconvenient truth” is the only thing these ‘Sentinels of Absurdity’ can ever succeed at is the killing of protected, threatened, vulnerable or endangered bird species such as Snowy Owls, Bald Eagles, Raptors (Hawks), Whooping Cranes and others. 

In Alberta, anyone who intentionally or knowingly and negligently causes the death of a Bald Eagle is guilty of a Criminal Offence punishable by a $100,000 fine and/or two years in prison. 

So who among all the Profiteers and Bureaucratic Officials giving the nod to wind projects will accept the rap? Bet your keister that none will be jumping over each other to put up their hand. 

Yes, there’s safety in numbers. But considering the broad spectrum approval process it would seem most fitting that the buck stops here. 

Liability and culpability should necessarily rest with the Principal Benefactor of wind projects within the county, that being The County of Paintearth and The Paintearth Municipal Planning Commission. 

Since when does the killing of birds become justifiable so long as it occurs in the name of the Climate Cult and “clean” energy? Blood on turbine rotor blades is not clean energy. 

Is anyone employed to go around and collect, identify and count the numbers of dead or maimed creatures? Were the results photographed and recorded for all to see? And if not, why not? 

Why do the RCMP turn a blind eye and allow this to be swept under the rug? What about the Fish and Wildlife Department? Surely they are aware. But what have they actually done about it besides paying casual lip service?

Does the problem somehow hearken back to Government Officials such as our Grandiose Illustrious Leader being immune and above the law for committing a Criminal Offence such as Obstruction of Justice? 

Does this state of affairs apply to all Government Officials anywhere in Canada and at every level?

Here’s a question for Potentia Renewables. Are you going to renew the Bald Eagles after they go extinct?

After wind turbines are finally thrown on the scrap heap of the ‘History Of Man’s Folly’, I suspect that the only ones who will ultimately be made to pay the price will be the beautiful and majestic winged progeny of the dinosaurs themselves. Or at least those examples which may still remain, as God sees the Sparrow fall. 

That is unless others take a stand and speak up.

Maybe read the back of the new vertical 10 dollar bill.


Lee Hudson

Calgary/County of Paintearth

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