IncinerTech Inc. shows serious interest in Special Areas

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Cactus Corridor Economic Development Corporation, along with local municipalities, have been working with IncinerTech Inc., a bio-waste and hydrocarbon thermal treatment to energy company headquartered in Southern Alberta, to provide support for the company’s investigation into a new facility in the region.

IncinerTech had met with representatives from the Special Areas and the Town of Hanna to present details on their proposed development, a biomedical waste incinerator facility.

The group discussed the proposed project and had a number of questions for IncinerTech officials, given that this is the second such project to approach the region in the past few months.

“We were happy to meet with representatives from IncinerTech to hear about the facility they are proposing to construct in our region,” said Jordon Christianson, Chair of the Special Areas Board.

“The Board is committed to supporting opportunities for industrial development and capital investment in the region. 

The Board appreciates the work IncinerTech is doing to help our communities and ratepayers understand the project, and what it could mean for the region.”

After this preliminary meeting, representatives from IncinerTech have been working with Cactus Corridor to develop a virtual town hall for the region to help provide information on the project for local residents and to provide a forum to ask questions about the proposed development.

IncinerTech’s CEO, Rob Krell and COO, Dave Forter, stakeholder representatives, said they want to be completely open with residents of Hanna and the Special Areas before starting the regulatory process, so they can answer any questions and concerns that may arise as they move forward.

They also realize the current situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and want to keep local residents safe, thus the need for the virtual town hall as opposed to an open house at the community centre.

“We wanted to hold a regular town hall in Hanna to present our project to local residents, however, since we’re from the Calgary area, we respect the fact that locals don’t want us endangering them at this time by possibly bringing COVID-19 to town, thus the need to hold this open house in a virtual setting,” said Krell.

The virtual open house town hall will be announced in the near future to invite the local population within the Special Areas to be informed first of the potential project.

The intent of the town hall is to extend an opportunity to the local population to inquire, comment and express concerns about the project and have their questions answered.

The proposed project, if constructed, has the potential to bring a number of highly skilled jobs to the region.

As project proponent, IncinerTech would be responsible for meeting all development and regulatory requirements and have committed to not only meeting but exceeding all such requirements.

“When we met with the IncinerTech representatives, it became clear that they have done their homework in regards to their business as well as our region. We had a number of questions and concerns and they answered them in a straightforward manner, which showed us they were well prepared,” said Chris Warwick, Town of Hanna mayor.

Cactus Corridor is providing assistance and acting as a facilitator for the virtual town hall.

Details are being worked out and will be released as soon as they are finalized.

For further information contact Dave Forter at or Mark Nikota, Economic Development Officer at 403-854-0589 or


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