Inappropriate to preempt my choice

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Dear Editor,

A letter to Premier Jason Kenny, MLA Nate Horner and MLA Matt Jones, and Opposition Leader Rachel Notley.

Re: Organ Donor Presumed Consent Bill.

So you are voting to donate my organs without my consent? How wonderfully communist of you!

President Trump is working on shutting down organ trafficking operations around the world, and here we are, in Communist Alberta, trying to start one up as a government program.

Oh, I know, you’ll say my organs aren’t for sale – yet! But then, they weren’t for sale at Planned Parenthood in the beginning either.

So where will you keep my opt-out instruction? On a card in my wallet? On my driver license? What if I am in an accident and lose my wallet? Are you going to keep it on an unreliable registry like the gun registry one?

More importantly, how are you going to kill me? My understanding is that, if I am dead, my organs are not harvestable. If I am dead, my organs are also dead. That means I would have to be on some kind of life support to keep my organs viable. If I am on life support, that means I am not totally dead!

I also understand that if my organs are full of anaesthetic, they are also unusable. How do you ensure I will be in no pain when you cut me open and remove them?

What will my death certificate say?

Will you remove my kidney or heart and then say I died of kidney failure or heart failure? Remember, I am not dead yet!

Will you sever my spinal cord, or will you stick a needle up the back of my neck and into my brain, like they do for abortions? Will you pretend that I will not feel either procedure, not for very long at least, as well?

So, if you and doctors are not able to legalize and perform “assisted suicide”, under what authority do you presume to kill me to harvest my organs?

Could you at least tie the two programs together?

Then, I could expect a phone call from Doctor Sew-n-sew asking if I heard about the big freeway crash? And, by the way, could I be at the hospital in 10 minutes as they have an opportunity to perform my assisted suicide.

GOD made me Free. GOD made me Sovereign. GOD made me with the Spark of Divinity within.

Free – that means that I, not you, make my own decisions, especially when it comes to my own body.

Sovereign means that I come under no other sovereign, like a king or a queen; nor am I subservient to a prime minister, a premier, an official I elect, and especially not to a bureaucrat or civil servant; all of whom work for me.

The Spark of Divinity means I am made in God’s likeness, and part of His Divine Spirit is within me.

You figure out how, with Him, you want to get around that one!

I am fully capable of giving my consent on my own. It is communistic and inappropriate for you to preempt my choice.


Robert Hahn

Provost, Alta

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