Importance of committing to their own successes

Hughenden Public School’s (HPS) Grade 9 students and parents attended a meeting about what to expect in high school next year on May 29.

After the hour-long meeting, there was an opportunity for students and parents to get some more personalized advice from teachers.

The evening was well attended, as most of the Grade 9s brought at least one parent to hear the information and ask any questions they had.

Senior high teachers each spoke about the importance of committing to their own success and of credit requirements.

“If this group stays focused in the beginning of the year they will do great in high school,” said Mrs. Hoyt, high school English Language Arts teacher at HPS.

The school holds this meeting each year to address frequently asked questions that students or parents usually have about the transition from junior high to high school.

by Wyatt Laing


Track and Field excellence

The yearly south Buffalo Trail Public Schools junior high track and field competition was held on Tues. May 21 at Provost Public School.

Hughenden sent 29 student competitors and a remarkable 19 of these moved on to the BTJHAA final meet in Vermilion on Thurs. May 30.

Grade 9 student Loren Mitchell was pleased with the Provost meet. “It was a very hot day but the breeze was nice,” he said.

Mitchell placed first in javelin that day, and he went on to achieve a gold medal finish in javelin at the finals competition the following week.

Hayden McQuaid, also in Grade 9, achieved gold in Provost in the 800m race.

“It took a lot of work to get first, but there was a lot of good competition, and it was fun to hang with friends from other schools,” said McQuaid.

His race in Vermilion earned him a silver medal in the entire division.

Other HPS Wildcats who excelled in Vermilion were Grade 8 student Makenna Lomheim, who placed second in the hurdle competition, and her classmate Hunter Motley, who brought home the gold medal for discus and placed second in the 200m race.

Also noteworthy, Grade 9 student Grace Oxamitny finished the season by winning the U14 girls’ aggregate silver medal for total points.

“We actually did pretty well for our little school,” remarked coach and teacher Morgan Beatty, commenting that it is often difficult for schools with smaller populations to compete against the larger pools of talent in bigger centres.

by Izak Fisher

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