Importance lies in ‘sources’ of information

Dear Editor,
I am writing in response to the opinion piece, ‘Disaster zone in short order’ (Mar. 1, pg. 6, ECA Review).
Regarding Mr. Trudeau’s “gaffes”, I would like to point out the remark ‘quoting’ Mr. Trudeau as having said, “the budget will balance itself”.
This is only a partial quote and spread by folks who don’t like Mr. Trudeau.
The full quote was something like, “If the economy is vibrant and growing the budget will balance itself”.
The partial quote has made the rounds but it is not accurate. People do not have to like Mr. Trudeau and certainly not vote for him but spreading falsehoods is not the way to criticize anyone.
The other comment regarding Mr. Scheer never making such stupid comments merely shows his ideological bent.
In my opinion, Andrew Scheer has already made a questionable comment, the one about moving the Canadian Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. That area certainly needs “more gasoline put on the fire!”.
Instead of sticking our noses in other people’s affairs maybe we should try to fix our own shortcomings.
Once again, farmers are having problems getting their grain to market because of the railway’s ineptitude. This has been a problem for years and no one has proposed any kind of solution.
The ‘give away’ to the private sector of the CNR by the Liberals has done nothing to help the efficiency of the rail system.
The Alberta government was studying some innovative proposals a few years ago, but nothing came of that.
The Chinese are in the process of building a transportation corridor from Northern China to Holland. This system will deliver goods from China to Rotterdam in less than 24 hours.
We can’t get grain to Vancouver in that time.
Where is the Conservatives’ solution?
Getting back to my original statement about falsehoods.
The Russian meddling in the last US election should have given all of us an inkling of how many folks are in the business of spreading fake news. Because of this, it is important for all of us to consider where ‘news’ is coming from and check the sources.
A paper by a ‘pipeline friendly’ organization recently wrote that the optimum level of C02 is 1250 parts per million and the present rate of 400 parts per million is the lowest it has been in the history of the earth. Total garbage!
We have ice cores going back 5000 years that show C02 levels of 250 parts per million and they stayed there fairly consistently until the Industrial Revolution when they started to climb.
Sources of ‘information’ are very important and falsehoods need to be identified before they become ‘facts’.
Horst Schreiber
Ohaton, Ab.

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