Illegally living in their RV units

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During council’s regular meeting July 17, Clive’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Carla Kenney told council in her report that the deadline had passed for compliance issued for unauthorized RV units at 5100 Railway Ave. and the village is preparing a stop order.
Last fall Clive council passed a motion directing administration to inform motel owners that RV’s are an inappropriate use of their lot and not permitted.
Last summer Coun. Bev Krochak told the village council that the motel was allowing people to live in trailers on its lots and there were complaints from some Clive residents.

Other council news

The Sayer Memorial Bench got the green light from Clive council during their regular meeting July 17. All the costs, $1,500, for materials and placement will be at the expense of the Sayer family.
A Georgetown bench will be placed facing the main street at 4920 – 50 Ave. in Clive and the inscription will say “In Memory of Allan Sayers.”
Lacombe County is sharing fire equipment, revenues and expenditures with the Village of Clive.
In 2016 the Clive rescue units’ revenue was $27,830 and expenditures were $27,352.


It was reported in the July 6 issue of the ECA Review that Clive fire department responded to 29 calls in Lacombe County in 2017. It should have stated that Clive responded to 29 calls in Lacombe County in 2017 year to date, January to June.
This means that Clive’s fire calls are in fact slightly higher this year to date compared with 2016.
At the current rate the Clive fire department is expecting to respond to more than 50 calls in 2017.

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