Illegal immigration

Dear Editor,
The flooding of our borders with illegal immigrants is a “huge issue”! Chris Nelson, one of the best writers for the Herald writes the feelings of thousands of Western  Canadians re: this issue and many others.
Kudos to him.
However, the worries  and fears of this immense problem has fallen on deaf ears.Besides connecting with our MP’s,  is there any other method of this protest being heard by ‘the People’.?
We are frightened, very  frustrated and downright angry, seeing our Canada  erode in every way, of values and beliefs.
Now our taxpayers money has set up a social system for illegal immigrants to move in and live off the land.
Is the pride and hard work that established what our country was, not strong enough to defend? Where are the Federal leaders when we need them?
Gayle Smigg Hanna, Ab.

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