Iggy the iguana died of old age

Hughenden Public School Grade 9 class
ECA Review Submitted

The Grade 9 Leadership Class has decided to keep the community up to date with news. We also wish to take time to appreciate the people who have helped out in our school. Starting this week two students will be writing an article of the events happening in our school.  On Friday, November 9 students and staff attended a Remembrance Day ceremony. Special guests Corporal D’Sa and Warrant Officer Sherrington attended and shared some thoughts from a military perspective with us. Amber Cuthbert and the Sing Club sang “Highway of Heroes”. Poems were written and read by Grade 5 students. Elementary students and Grade 9 students did an admirable job of artwork which was used to decorate the gym for the service. Students bought poppies in remembrance and support of soldiers.  The Students Union puts on Wildcat Wednesdays to give students and staff an opportunity to show school spirit. This past week they were asked to dress in ‘tight and bright’ clothing. Those who participated received a treat. The next upcoming Wildcat Wednesday is Western Day.

Interestingly enough, four garter snakes have been found in Hughenden School and it is expected that there are many more. At the end of October the first snake was caught in the library. Hopefully no more come out with this nice weather.
Sadly at the beginning of October, school friend Iggy passed away. She was an iguana who had become a part of the school family. She was over 22 years old and died of old age. During the day, Iggy wandered around the science classroom. She will be missed.
We appreciate everyone who took the time to come out to parent/teacher interviews.
The book fair was a great success. Many students took home some new reads. Door prizes worth $25 were won by Jersti Congdon and Layne Motley. There was a contest to guess pages in a book which was won by Brenna Bartley for best guess; while Stefanie Martin and Nicholas Oxamitny tied for second. Proceeds from the book fair help to support the Accelerated Reader Program and new books for the library.
Congratulations to the Junior Girls B volleyball team for getting third in their league. The team was coached by Mr. Artymko. Great job ladies!
“The girls played extremely well. They really came together as a team and demonstrated some sound play,” said Artymko. “They were very enthusiastic and well mannered. They were always very positive and had lots of fun.”
Also, special thanks to the volunteer coach for the A team, Jennifer Heather. We hope she had a great year; the team did. We enjoyed her as a coach and hope she returns for another season next year. We greatly appreciate these coaches who took time out of their day to help players with fundamental skills of volleyball.
Our joke of the week: Why did the math book go to therapy? It had too many problems

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