If they were honest!

Hear, hear, like they say, referring to the letter to the editor, May 3, 2018, pg. 6 titled “My take on pipelines carrying Alberta oil”.
I picked up a copy of the May 3, 2018 paper which someone else had finished reading.
Great little paper! I like your articles and the views expressed under Viewpoints. We should send you on the war path to Ottawa and Edmonton.
People like Al Gore and David Suzuki, (what business have they got to interfere in Canadian affairs, anyway?), if they were honest, should not drive automobiles, fly in airplanes, ride on trains or use boats.
They could paddle a drift wood raft. Otherwise they should walk everywhere. They should not use any wood, metal, plastic, or other synthetic products.
They should live in the wilds but can’t build a shack or make a tent, that would use up valuable resources in “short supply”!
They could not build a “soddy” because that would disturb the natural topsoil and little creatures that live in the soil.
They could not kill a wild animal such as a bear or wolf if attacked because they might be an “endangered species”?
They should not light fires because of the “carbon footprint”. They should not use electricity or natural gas. They should not use solar or wind generators.
They should dip their water from a creek, river or lake and carry it on foot. They shouldn’t eat garden produce or meat because it was raised using energy and we all know wild animals and fish are in danger of extinction and have been ever since the Ark landed in the Ararat mountain range in Turkey, some years ago.
Keep up your good work!
I’m a retired senior from Three Hills Ab, and like your views.
Peter H. Dyck
Three Hills, Ab.

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