Ice-age overdue

Dear Editor:
Just a short note on the Carbon Tax and Climate Change.
I can’t believe the success of the climate regime to convince very smart people into sacrifice their hard-earned money for something that is unachievable.
Carbon Tax does not reduce carbon emissions. It just enables inefficient governments to impose outrageously high taxes.
Just think if you were able to apply your carbon tax to your monthly bills, it would pay a lot of them.
Carbon tax had been started in several countries, such as Australia, only to be eliminated a few years later because it was too hard on industry and citizens and does not work.
As to global warming, I think the next ice-age may be on us when you look at current triple-digit below normal temperature.
This is a small reminder of what the new ice-age will be like.
We are overdue for the next ice-age as scientists tell us the last ice-age ended only 25 to 30 thousand not millions of years ago.
It took the human population down to less than 10 thousand people.
The coming ice-age will also greatly diminish earth’s population as it will restrict farming to within to 1000 miles of the equator.
Two-thirds of all farmland is in the northern hemisphere and it would be too cold to grow crops. Millions of people will starve to death as a result.
I, for the life of me, cannot figure out why we are trying to eliminate the only thing that might save us or at least prolong something that all scientists say is definitely coming.
The two degrees of warming that has now become less than one is easily understood because of far more cities and far less rural temperatures being recorded.
Cities are always two degrees warmer than rural locations.
Our carbon levels are dangerously low at 400 ppm, as plants that we rely on for world food supply (the three grasses that feed the masses, namely, rice, corn and wheat) evolved at 1200 ppm and it was estimated to be at 4000 ppm during the age of dinosaurs.
Why would any thinking person believe a carbon tax is going to save the earth?
Present governments are simply stealing our money.
Walter Suntjens
Hanna, Ab.

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