Hwy 27 sinkhole dangerous for drivers

In less than the 20 minutes it took to photograph the scene, over a dozen vehicles and two transport trucks eased pass the massive sink hole on Hwy 27 between Hwys 21 and 837. The hole, which reaches nearly to the centre line, appeared a month ago according to Kneehill County Coun. Brian Holsworth. The county has been in contact with the Ministry of Transportation regarding the situation. ECA Review/D.Johnston

Kneehill County news

A massive, month old sinkhole on Hwy 27 is causing concern for Kneehill County residents.

A large section of Hwy 27, between highways 21 and 837 has slid down the embankment, creating a deep cavern. Markers and stoplights delineate the site.

At the Sept. 8 council meeting, Coun. Brian Holsworth made a motion that council send a letter to the Ministry of Transportation as well as the Premier to get repairs started on the highway as soon as possible.

When contacted for an update on the situation, Ministry of Transportation representative Carrie Sancartier stated that they are monitoring the situation closely.

“We are working with a geotechnical expert to design a repair and we expect to see survey results from the consultant hopefully later this week.

Once we have a report and have had a chance to review it, then we can proceed with the repair work. We don’t know yet what that will look like or when the timing would be.”

Administration building exterior finish

Council took a second look at the siding choice for the new administration/medical building.

Originally, the building design called for fibre cement board for the exterior but a request from Coun. Carol Calhoun to revisit the choice prompted a discussion.

Calhoun wanted information on whether acrylic stucco would be a better choice for the building, given stucco’s longer track record and durability.

Stucco would add to the final cost of the building but would still come in under budget, according to CAO Al Hoggan.

After considering the merits of each material, council opted to stay with the fibre cement board but include brickwork along the bottom third of the walls at an additional cost of around $45,000.

Dirt trails

Council elected to proceed with forming a Dirt Trail Road Allowances Advisory Committee.

A number of ratepayers have put their names forward to participate and will make recommendations to council on establishing guidelines for road maintenance.

According to the Request for Decision, the committee will meet approximately three times.

Fire protection bylaw

Council passed Bylaw 1697 – Fire Protection Services Bylaw and deleted a number of redundant policies that are now incorporated into the bylaw. The bylaw covers all aspects of fire protection and emergencies with the county.

Tree sponsorship

The School Resource Officer Program will receive a $200 donation in lieu of a decorated Christmas tree for the program’s November fundraising Christmas tree auction.

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