Huxley project looks hopeful

The estimated cost to construct a ball park building at the Huxley ball diamond is $230,000 stated Rick Vickery, President of the Huxley Historical and Community Initiatives Society, as he presented the numbers to Kneehill County council at the May 24 regular meeting.

Along with contractor Randy Gagyi, Vickery broke down the costs for the building that will include two washrooms, a kitchen-concession, mechanical room and storage room. The enclosed part of the 100’x32’ building will be 36’x32’, with a covered outdoor area making up the remaining 64 feet.

Council agreed to provide the society with a commitment of up to $125,000 in order for the society to apply for a matching grant from the Community Facility Enhancement Program.

The county’s contribution is conditional on the society receiving confirmation they have qualified for the grant by Dec. 31, 2016. Because the 2016 budget is already set, the project would not appear in the county’s budget until next year.

Bylaw replaces policy
Kneehill’s Councillor Code of Conduct bylaw replaced an existing policy after council passed the bylaw. Aside from reconfiguring the text into a bylaw format, the bylaw remains virtually unchanged from the policy according to CAO Al Hoggan.

Policies updated
Council approved the deletion of several redundant policies that are now part of bylaws or appear as a yearly budget line. Policies 5-12 Development Fees, 5-2 Signing Authority for Planning, 12-1 Parks Maintenance and 12-2 Contract Park Attendant were all deleted.

The Records Management Policy 11-21 was updated to bring the policy into accordance with current legal requirements and to clarify how employees manage county records.

Council approved two donations, one for $350 towards the Annual Fire and Ambulance Appreciation Barbecue and $1000 towards Seniors Outreach Week.

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