Hughenden School centennial stone donated by local Lion’s club

Recently Hughenden Public School received a very generous donation from the Hughenden Lions Club in commemoration of the school’s 100th birthday which was celebrated last August.  A sub-committee made up of Lions members Ches  Spornitz, Dave Nelson, Curtis Hughes and Charlie Adams researched a company to make the stone monument.  The stone was placed in the legacy garden in front of the school.
The Lions Club is an extremely important part of our community.  We are so very fortunate to have such an active organization that supports our school as well.  In the past the school family has received donations towards a sports time clock for our gym and assistance in the construction of an outdoor basketball court among other projects.  

The Club’s motto, “we serve” certainly has been to our benefit over the years.  Members quietly and tirelessly invest many hours of volunteer hours to the betterment of all.  1946 was the year the Hughenden Lions Club was first began as an organization.  Currently there are approximately 26 members.  We extend sincere appreciation to all that these members do for our community and the positive spirit and leadership that they help to nurture.

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