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Challenging the notion that it’s not polite to point, Hughenden Public School students perform on December 11 for their “The X-Mas Files” Christmas Concert. (L – R) Taylor Griffith, Hayden McQuaid, Layne Motley, Karson Swanson, Nicole Carson, Anneka Van Hoek and Miena Van Hoek. ECA Review/Submitted

The magic of Christmas filled the school Wednesday evening as the elementary students of Hughenden School hosted their annual Christmas Concert.  Students shared their performance of “The X-Mas Files” to a full house of guests.  The concert was enjoyed by all in attendance. Hughenden Public School staff made a  wonderful assortment of baking that was had with coffee after the concert.
Travel Club members are beginning to get excited about their International trip in April. Over the winter these students and their parents will be working the Arena Kitchen during local Senior Jets Hockey as a fundraiser. On December 13 a draw was made for the raffled quilt donated by Dianne Southoff.  Regina Dewald was the lucky winner.
Basketball is well underway at HPS.  Appreciation is extended to Callahan Charlton who is sharing his skills by helping to coach his fellow peers. Vince Artymko is the teacher supervisor for the senior boys team, while Lance Gulbraa is the coach of the senior girls team.
High School Leadership is promoting the “Castles for A Cause” activity as a challenge to all students to bring in donations for the local food bank.  The various grades are partnered up and will have a contest before the Christmas break to use the food items to build some type of monument or world recognized architectural piece.  Leadership has also organized four-on-four volleyball intramurals, which are played over the noon hour.  This is a great activity to not only get out of the chilly weather but to also increase physical participation. The hallways are beginning to look festive as there is a locker decorating contest well underway.
Unfortunately due to the projected wind-chill this past Friday, December 13 the annual Christmas Dance had to be cancelled.  The Grade 9 class were sponsoring the dance.  There will be another dance scheduled in the New Year.

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