Hughenden Public School Highlights

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Teachers were involved in Professional Development Friday, November 1.  A lot of collaboration was pursued in subject specific groups of teachers.  The goal of the day was to go through the process of creating a performance assessment designed to invoke the imagination, increase student engagement and foster high quality thinking.  Staff at HPS are building their professional skills through work dealing with critical thinking.  This will help to encourage students to be innovative thinkers.
Grade 9 students across the Province will be participating in the “Take Our Kid to Work Day” on Wednesday, November 6.  This is an opportunity for students to gleam first-hand experience of what is involved in a day of work.  In addition, it could be an opportunity for them to shadow someone in a field of post-secondary study/training they may be currently interested in.  Appreciation is extended to all those businesses and professionals who are providing positions for students
Volleyball season is wrapping up.  The junior and senior girls had successful campaigns, but fell short during play-off matches.  The junior boys are continuing a successful season.  They finished first in regular season play with a 4-0 record.  They also hosted the Buffalo Trail South Play-offs last week where they have qualified as the number one seed at the BTPS Finals to be held Tuesday, November 5 in Provost.  They have also earned the right to host the league final tournament on Thursday November 7.  The Junior Tier 2 Girls won a bronze medal in the Provost Tournament this past weekend.  The Senior Boys finished league play in second place.  They will be fighting for a birth at zones at league finals that will be held November 7 in Coronation.

Hypothermia lesson
Ethan Holte and Evan Wahlstrom, two grade 7 students, participated in a hypothermia lesson in Outdoor Education class on October 22. The activity allowed them to experience the effects of extreme cold on the body and the dangers of hypothermia.

SR Boys (5)
The HPS Senior Boys Volleyball team competed against Castor  on October 25, 2013. On the court was Matt Adams, Brady Johnson, Ty Campbell, Robbie Evans, Dallas O’Connor and Tyson Whitehead.  Brant Johnson and coach Ryan Duffett were not in the photo.

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