Hughenden Public School Highlights

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An Achievement Ceremony was held Tuesday, October 24.  Students were recognized with a ‘leaf’ of merit, to be put on the Wildcat Achievement Tree. Winning students included:
Grade 4 students Karson Swanson, Tori Usselman, Grace Oxamitny; Grade 5 students Ardeya Goodwin, Erin Johnson, Tasia Goodwin, Grade 6 students Kjersti Congdon, Masin Schmidt and Maddie Long.
Karson Swanson, Tasia Usselman and Masin Schmidt won $10 Scholastic Book Order Certificates; Tasia Goodwin won a gift bag with the learning essentials and Kjersti Congdon won a one year membership to the Hughenden Public Library.
Recognition was also given to  students meeting milestone goals in the Accelerated Reader Program.  In all there were 62 prizes given out for the month of October. Each time a student achieves their personal monthly goal, their name will be put in a draw to win a donated prize.
The Grad class hosted is a Christmas Tree fundraiser to help with costs associated with the Graduation Ceremonies.
The Leadership class hosted a pumpkin decorating contest on Friday, October 25.  Just before lunch all HPS students were in the gym, in their grade groups, putting their imagination and creativity to work.  A lot of masterpieces evolved.
The Grade 4 class won the elementary category with their “Minions”; for junior high the Grade 8 class won with their pumpkin horror movie characters; and the grade 10 class won for their Ninja pumpkins.  Best overall pumpkin went to the grade 12 class for the pumpkin hedgehog.  Winners received pumpkin pie.
Several HPS art students were recognized by having their artwork displayed during the Czar Quilters Guild annual Quilt show this past weekend.several high school students helped  to set up and take down for their show.
“Your elders really appreciate how great HPS students are.  Remember, everyone is a leader,” said Guild member and former teacher Marilyn Hausser.

Turtle Pump
Grade 10 Hughenden Public School students display their winning ‘ninja pumpkins’ at the October 25 pumpkin decorating contest.

Hedgehog Pump
Best overall decorated pumpkin, ‘hedgehog pumpkin’ was awarded to the HPS Grade 12 class on October 25.

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