Huge showdown in Hughenden

Hughenden math teacher,  Cody Paul preparing for the big game. ECA Review/Submitted
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The final showdown against the teachers and Grade 12 class of Hughenden Public School (HPS) took place the afternoon of Mon. June 28.

This showdown was in the form of the annual slow-pitch game in the school’s own field.

This tradition was started in 2002 and has been played every year since unless some unexplained circumstances required it to be skipped.

The current standings are five for the teachers and 10 for the Grade 12s.

Both teams went into the game quite confident and ready to win.

“It is always a blast to see the grads in a fun setting before they set off but I have total confidence in a repeat teacher victory,” said Morgan Beatty, the Junior/Senior social studies and Senior PE teacher

“The teachers think they’re all that,”  said Ethan Dambrowsky, Grade 12 student, “what they don’t know is that we’ve waited 12 years to learn from them a thing or two and now’s our time to shine.”

In the end, the score was 16 – 9 for the students.


by William Stringer

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