Preliminary SDAB Hearing for Halkirk 2 Wind Project

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Written by Terri Huxley

A second initial Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) hearing took place on Mon. June 8, after an appeal for 10 of 74 wind turbines under the Halkirk 2 Wind Project.

The Alberta Court of Appeal recently ruled in their decision that a new preliminary hearing be done.

The SDAB chair, Karen Howley did roll call as the meeting was conducted over teleconference call.

A number of listeners were present including Capital Power, the County of Paintearth and council for landowners.

Gavin Fitch represented Capital Power and Kelsey Becker Brookes was the SDAB lawyer.

Jeneane Grundberg and Alifeyah Gulamhusein represented the County of Paintearth.

W.L. McEllhaney and Alexander Yiu were the appellant lawyers.

All members of the SDAB resided well outside of the County of Paintearth and stated they had no affiliation with the county or Capital Power which was one of the concerns brought forward during the first preliminary hearing in summer 2018.

Procedural and/or jurisdictional matters, which will then be used for the merit hearing on July 16 and July 17, were chosen throughout the discussion.

Written records of the SDAB hearing were requested so all parties could have a printed or digital copy on paper once the hearings were over which was accepted.

To ensure fairness, the county requested the next meeting be held by teleconference again.

Any appellants participating can be in the parking lot with social distancing measures in place until they can be let in one at a time to tell their story.

No public is otherwise allowed for in-person viewing.

The scope of the hearing will be much narrower compared to the first hearing as they cannot discuss matters which the previous panel determined by the commission were acceptable.

The board chair was cognizant of the emotional impact this project may have saying, “We appreciate that. We are very very aware of the emotive nature of a hearing. We do hear the desire in their voice to have your position heard and heard loudly.

“It comes with a caveat that it is not open season. Talk to your representative about it before presenting to the board,” she said.

“We look forward very much to seeing what the submissions touch on,” said chair Howley.


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