HPS archery aiming for victory

Grade 9 Hughenden Public School students practicing archery for their PE class. From the left, Thalia Legault, Frances Coral, Mason Nickerson, Hunter Motley, Ashton Penman and Lyndon Day. ECA Review/Submitted

Since September, Hughenden Public School (HPS) has been spiking and three-pointing their way through championships.

But now, HPS is ready to pick up the bows and arrows.

Archery season has officially begun.

Last Wednesday, students from elementary to high school had the targets set up for their first practice.

Twenty-eight students had signed up for the team, with the school principal Mr. Ryan Duffett as their coach.

They will continue to practice until the tournament day comes, which is on March 14 in Edmonton.

Thirteen students are confirmed as going to the competition and probably more will join.

Duffett is teaching them techniques to improve their marksman skills.

For example, they use cards as the main target instead of the bullseye point.

This helps with control of their aiming and shooting.

Compared to volleyball and basketball, where athletes get to run and jump, archery isn’t a very active sport.

But according to Duffett, this sport is still beneficial.

“Students get to practice focus and discipline in a fun setting,” he said. “In our area where we rely on hunting, students get the opportunity to learn at a young age and they can transfer skills for hunting when they’re older.”

Grade 7 student Declan Lawrason agrees that the sport has his attention.

“This is my second year; there’s never a dull moment in archery,” said Lawrason.


by Frances Coral

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