Howard Helton takes over reigns at Morrin Village council

Morrin council, in their organizational meeting Wed. Oct. 25, voted unanimously for Howard Helton as mayor of Morrin.

M’Liss Edwards was voted in as Deputy Mayor.

Councillors volunteered to serve on a total of 12 committees.

Village meetings will continue on the third Wednesday of each month, however, at the request of Dr. Bob Graham, councillor, the meetings will now begin at 7:30 p.m..

Council agreed unanimously to grant the Morrin Ag. Society $5000 to repair the header on the ice rink chiller system.  The repair is estimated to cost $50,000.

Chief Administrative Officer Annette Plachner reported she had confirmed that the grant monies for the repair were not forthcoming.

Plachner confirmed when asked by Mayor Helton, that the budget would be able to handle the expenditure.

CAO Plachner also confirmed that the RCMP have no jurisdiction in determining speed limits within the village.

Council agreed to change the speed limit within the village from 50 km/hr down to 30 km/hr.

“Our village isn’t very big,” said Mayor Helton, “you’re still going to get through town in good time.”

Former Deputy Mayor David MacLeod wrote to council asking for a motion from council for a written apology from Coun. M’Liss Edwards and a motion reprimanding M’Liss Edwards.

Mayor Helton referred to an email from CAO Plachner when he requested time on the Sept. 20, 2017 council agenda and was denied in an email from the CAO stating “Municipal Government Offices do not address topics from Social Media, Facebook etc.”

Helton also noted M’Liss Edwards was not a councillor when that was posted.  However, Edwards volunteered to write a written apology to Mr. MacLeod.

CAO Plachner informed council that the Deputy Mayor’s Award, already presented at Morrin School’s awards night, was not a village award. It was a personal award given by the previous deputy mayor.

Council agreed with Mayor Helton for the special meeting to look at the village needs and plan as a forerunner for the budget.

Following a 25 minute in-camera regarding a legal issue, a motion to re-camera the sewer line at 104 Railway Ave. was approved.

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