Horticulture results at the 55th annual Coronation Fair

April Wiebe took home the prize for most points by one exhibitor while the Thomas family won the most points by one family award.
The only entry in the Hay Classes was tame grass entered by Loren Rodvang.
Helen Pickles was the only entry in wheat, flax and peas and took first in oats winning the award for most points in the Field Crops. Eric Rodvang took second for oats.
Walter Pickles’ sheaf of wheat was the only entry in the Sheaf Classes.
Most points in Horticulture went to Shauna Lee Thomas as well as outstanding entry, judges choice. She won for her peppers, vegetable display, salad bowl and potatoes.
Terry Tocher took the prize for most points in the Vegetables Classes 30 – 34 for flower entries.
Other winners in the vegetable classes were Sonja Smith – 5 herbs; Dave Anderson – 3 onion bulbs from seed; Jordan Glasier- 3 onion bulbs from sets, Diane Elliott – squash; and Shelley Lundy – 3 red tomatoes.

There were several winners for potted plants classes 1 – 7, Jeanette Dobovich, Diane Elliott, Deb Campbell and Daryl Perry with Daryl taking the outstanding award. Terry Perry was the winner of the potted plants, classes 8 – 14.
Laura Lee Davis won for strawberries and tied for the most points in the fruit classes 1 – 5 and the over all most points in the fruit classes.  Anna Rodvang, Lavera Goodeye, Nate Creasey, Bill Bullick and Shiana Younger all took prizes in the fruit categories.
Bubbles Bullick, Shianna Younger, Eunice Campion and April Wiebe all took prizes in the flower categories with the prize for most points in the flower classes going to Bubbles Bullick.
Other winners in the flower classes were Marie Woody – Gladiolus, Bubbles Bullick – rose and a bouquet of annual flowers; April Wiebe – perennial flowers, Eunice Campion – song title in flowers; and Shiana Younger for a mini arrangement.
Jr. Horiculture
Tegan Younger and Seith Layden – mini arrangement; Payton Elliott – wild flowers and grasses; Ella Younger – flower arrangement; Isadora Schmidt and Reid Hickman – largest sunflower; Isadora Schmidt and Reid Hickman – largest pumpkin; and Cloe Thomas and Cole Thomas – largest zuchinni.
Centrepiece of vegetables – 1st – Trinity Thomas; 2nd – Jordan Glasier; vegetable display: 1st – Payton Elliott, 2nd – Cloe Thomas; Mutt & Jeff Vegetables-  1st – Kadyn Thornton; 2nd – Katelyn Thomas; Fairy Gardens – 1st April Wiebe; 2nd- Lauryn Perry.

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