Hopes of maintaining semblance

Dear Editor,

I realize the Premier is not perfect, (ECA Review Aug. 13, pg. 6, Leadership – Never more important’,) but I admire Jason Kenny because he left a successful career as a federal cabinet minister to return to Alberta to run for the leadership of the PC Party announcing that if successful he would work to disband the party and form a new truly Conservative party with any others interested.

Despite the efforts of the progressive remnants, he succeeded in vanquishing those who had given Alberta years of incompetence culminating with Allison Redford and consequently Rachael Notley and the NDP.

In a short time, the PCs and NDP had wasted the sacrifices made by Albertans under Premier Klein. 

Jason Kenny succeeded in disbanding the PCs, forming a new party and defeating the scourge of the NDP, all in a short time.

He took power in trying times. The incompetence of the PCs left Alberta with a huge debt, exacerbated by the NDP anti-business policies and union bribing. Both parties participated in ensuring that we had the most expensive public service in Canada.

Premier Kenny inherited this mess, along with: a Federal government and PM determined to destroy Alberta’s economy; a global recession; disastrous Alberta prices for Western Select and natural gas mainly caused by Canada’s anti-pipeline policies; and, then along came COVID 19.

Premier Kenny is tasked with taking Alberta through these perilous times with a huge reduction in revenue and huge increase in expenses.

It is entirely appropriate for him to point out that doctor’s compensation accounts for 10 per cent of the health care budget. It is a fact – not an attack on doctors.

Health and education account for over 50 per cent of Alberta’s budget, that is a fact – not an attack on nurses and teachers.

If Alberta hopes to maintain a semblance of the services we are accustomed to, we need a lot of innovative thinking and some willingness to compromise on expectations.

I,  for one, am happy Premier Kenny is in charge.

I recommend the reading of the Calgary Herald column, Aug. 6, 2020, by Dr. Rithesh Ram of Drumheller on why he supports Alberta’s Bill 30. 

I also recommend the reading of the Calgary Herald column, Aug. 20, 2020 by Colum Smith, a health academic. 

I am extremely grateful to my doctor and other health professionals who have served me and am not being critical but we are in trying times. 

Could the government have handled it better, I am sure, but the status quo is not sustainable.


Gord Snell

Three Hills,  Alta.

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