Hope we never drive into the ditch

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Maybe I got out of the wrong side of bed today but I would like to respond to a columnist a few weeks ago about how Biden and Trudeau and the United Nations and everyone else who is not a capitalist will bring ruin to the world. 

May I bore you with some experiences while living and working in Finland for 30 years? 

My son is a diabetic and goes into a diabetic nurse’s office and comes out with three-month’s supply of blood strips, syringes and other necessities without touching his wallet. Walk into a pharmacy here and look what they cost. 

My grandchildren will have hot lunches cooked at the schools every school day and also will have doctor and dentist checkups every school year. 

Then there are the maternity checkups, unemployment benefits and on and on; yet we have as many personal freedoms as you have here. 

I paid about 27 per cent taxes for all of these services, a far cry from what I am getting from my taxes here. 

Keep in mind that Finland has to import every drop of oil and is not as rich as Alberta. For this cradle to grave security, Finland could be called a welfare state and apparently to at least one columnist, welfare is classified as being socialist. 

To use the same kind of measuring stick, I can brand capitalists of being concerned with being only me, me, me instead of we, we, we. I am not against free speech but I do wish that, when we give an opinion or send a social media text, etc., that we realize that what we send out is a reflection of our personality. 

Back to Finland–the government is usually a coalition of different parties which fight amongst themselves but still manage to build on the foundations of governments before. 

They compromise, a word that is sadly becoming extinct here. 

I do wish we return to driving on the center of the road, sometimes swerving to the right, sometimes to the left but never driving in the ditch on either side.


Larry Gregorwich

Killam, Alta.

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