Home invasion concerns citizens in Alix

Many Alix residents are feeling uneasy and unsafe in their community after a local man was allegedly attacked with a machete by two men in a home invasion incident.
Although Bashaw RCMP haven’t issued a formal media release, Red Deer media have reported the incident occurred in the early hours Nov. 1.
Brian Warman, 42, said he was watching TV when two men wearing bandanas broke into his home and demanded cash.
Warman said they took some cash that was on the table but demanded more and started beating him. He said that one on the intruders took a machete off of his wall and began chopping at his body.

Brian Warman of Alix was allegedly attacked in a home invasion of his Alix home Nov. 1. During the incident three of his toes were cut off with a machete and his shoulder cut.  Facebook photos.




Three of Warman’s toes were chopped off and he was cut on his shoulder bone.
In spite of his injuries Warman said he followed the invaders as they fled his home and was able to see that they were driving an SUV believed to be in the 90s.
Warman woke up his neighbour, who then called 911. Warman claims it took the RCMP an hour and 15 minutes to arrive. Warman’s neighbours say they are outraged and that the victim could have died.
However, in an interview with Staff Sgt. Bruce Holliday of the Bashaw RCMP, he said they were on scene in 50 minutes.
Bashaw Detachment is 30 km. east of Alix.
In addition, a close neighbour who doesn’t want her name published out of fear for her safety, said when there was an armed robbery at the Alix hotel police went door to door asking people if they had video footage.
“I would like to point out that all of us neighbours are upset,” she said Nov. 13. “The cops never came to check on our houses, they never asked if anyone has any information or cameras.
She said she has lived in Alix for 10 years and no longer feels safe.
“I’ve actually locked my doors. I lock my house tighter than a jail at night. I’m afraid to live in Alix. It’s not (crime) just at night, it’s during the day. It’s gotten out of hand here, drugs, thefts, stolen vehicles.
Sgt. Holliday responded, they do not go door to door when they believe it to be a targeted incident, adding that the investigation is ongoing and the RCMP would like to maintain the integrity of the investigation.
Alix Mayor Rob Fehr said crime is all over Alberta and Alix isn’t immune.
“It’s everywhere. It’s not just pertinent to the Village of Alix.
“Criminals travel, they go wherever,” he said during an interview Nov. 13.
Alix doesn’t have an RCMP Detachment and is served by the Bashaw RCMP Detachment, which is about 30 km east.
The Village of Clive is 22 km west of Alix and doesn’t have its own RCMP detachment office either but has a satellite RCMP office, which is manned by Blackfalds RCMP.
Mayor Fehr said the possibility of Alix having a satellite RCMP office has been raised in the past and it’s something the village council will discuss in the coming days.
“I’m very concerned and we want to find some solutions.”
Mayor Fehr said criminals today are brazen and the armed robbery earlier this month occurred when Bashaw RCMP were up the street.
Mayor Fehr said the village is looking at implementing more crime prevention strategies.
“We’re pushing to get rural crime watch more involved in the community and that would mean getting residents on board and participating.”
He said some ways residents can help include locking up homes and vehicles and if they have the means install video cameras.
“Don’t make yourself an easy target. Make it difficult and they will move on.
“I’m confident that there are strategies and means out there to help deal with these issues,” he added.

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