Home games soon underway at Hughenden school

Hughenden School is now well underway and students are settled into their various classes.

The ‘back to school’ dance was hosted by the Grade 9 class to raise funds for an upcoming leadership conference and the mocktails served were to raise funds that go towards the 2016 Grad class.

The senior girls volleyball team participated in the mega volley tournament recently in Vermilion.

Home games will soon be underway at the school. Everyone is encouraged to stop by and support the players.

The golf teams and cross country running teams have also started practicing for their upcoming sporting competitions under the direction of  Clay Creasy.

Junior and senior high students who earned averages of 75 per cent and higher in their academic courses this past school year have been invited to the annual movie and pizza night.

President of the Council is Jacqueline Manning, Secretary is Nicole Sayer and Treasurer is Trisha Dambrowsky.

This year junior and senior high students have paired up to take on the responsibility of stocking the vending machines for a week of the school year.  This is a service that is available to all.

Biology 30 class was pleased to have  Tanya Jones-Greenwood, an optometrist and graduate of Hughenden school, come to the school to speak about diseases and disorders of the eye.

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