Holiday fun at Hughenden Public School

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Hughenden Public School (HPS) made the end of 2022 memorable by constructing fun events for students, staff and community members.

This year HPS has had fun events to get into the spirit of Christmas, such as the traditional Christmas concert and the annual Christmas dinner.

Even though there were lots of snow days when busses were not running that last week of school, we still had good turnouts for the concert and the dinner.

When asked why we do the dinner every year, principal Ryan Duffett said, “We do it because it is a great opportunity to celebrate with the community and of course the upcoming holiday.”

A member from the student council said, “I think it went well, when about 300 people from our communities come,” said a member from the student council. “So we know we must be doing something right.”

This year the student council wanted to add to the fun so they decided to put on ‘The 10 Days of Christmas’.

For the last 10 days of school students and staff got to dress up and compete in fun things including the Classroom Door Decorating Contest, Christmas Tree Topper Day and Ugly Christmas Sweater Day.

These events created a fun and festive atmosphere leading up to the holidays and we hope and plan on doing fun events like these for Christmas and other holidays for years to come.

by Cameron Stringer

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