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Alexandra Holden, grand daughter of Rose High of Castor, gets her first book, Tangled in Tennessee, published at age 22.  Alex is currently finishing her English Literature degree at Ambrose University in Calgary.




At just 22 years of age, Alexandra Holden, the granddaughter of Rose High of Castor, is represented by one of Canada’s top literary agencies, the Carolyn Swayze Literary Agency, and has had her first novel, Tangled In Tennessee, published with Inkspell Publishing.
Determined to achieve her goals in a highly competitive field, Alexandra is a testament of how powerful 10 seconds of courage can be.
Alexandra grew up with a passion for writing, inspired by stories such as Anne of Green Gables and The Chronicles of Narnia. According to her mother, Mary Holden, in grade 1 Alex told her teacher that her goal was to publish a book. Her teacher made sure that goal came to fruition by carefully laminating and binding Alex’s first novel when she was 6 years old, titled “My Dog.” This amazing gift from her teacher inspired Alex to keep writing and she never looked back. She grew up with a passion for her dog, which she wrote about so much that her grade 4 teacher had to intervene and ask that she open up her literary horizons. Alexandra did and swiftly fell in love with songwriting, playwriting and novel writing. Alex became an avid songwriter, which led her to Nashville when she was 19. She lived there for a month writing music, performing at songwriter nights and learning the industry from the ground up. While she was there, she began her first draft of this book. Through hard work and tenacity Alex was published. Here is a quick summary of “Tangled in Tennessee”:
Like every young person, at the end of high school Alexandra was faced with a choice: she could either pick the career people expected her to (for her it was becoming a drama teacher), or she could pursue what made her heart come alive. Alexandra credits the support of her family and friends for making the right decision.
“Once my parents realized what it was I really, truly loved doing, they sat me down and said ‘How can we help you make a career out of this’.”
Alexandra explains. “I think so many more people would be doing what they love if only their family and friends gave them the courage to try.”
After a gap year, Alexandra had saved enough money to go to Nashville for a month, on her own, without knowing anyone, to write. “It was the scariest adventure of my life,” Alexandra says.
“At 19, I was doing exactly what so many people regret never doing in life.”
What was Alexandra’s biggest take away from that experience?
The first was that it inspired the novel, Tangled In Tennessee, which would become her first published book. The second was that Alexandra learned an important lesson about pursuing your goals.
“All you need is 10 seconds of courage. Ten seconds is all it takes to knock on the door, shake someone’s hand, hit ‘send’ on an email.” Alexandra smiles, laughing. “After that there’s no turning back! You just have to deal with whatever comes next!”
Alexandra hopes that her story can inspire people to decide what sets their soul on fire and chase after it passionately. It is never too early or too late to get started.
After all, if Alexandra’s experience is any indication, all you need is 10 seconds of courage.

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