Hillcrest Lodge seniors home in Provost

Annette Gregory, manager of the Hillcrest Lodge seniors Home in Provost toured councillors of the M.D. of Provost, from the left, Richard Charlton, Reeve Allan Murray and CAO Tyler Lawrason,  of the newly $1 million dollar renovated facility on Thurs. June 23. The M.D. of Provost solely funded the room ungrading by repurposing a reserve fund that had previously been allocated to administration building renovations.  With this contribution, the project was completed within two years on time and within budget which would have taken 15 years to accomplish through requisitioning.  The rooms renovated included ‘inside’ rooms that were made more desirable by taking two rooms and making them into one. “We lost seven rooms,” said Gregory “but these rooms are much more desirable to rent.”  ECA Review/J.Webster

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