Hiking year end trip for Rank Riders

The Rank Riders 4-H club held their rodeo at Gooseberry Lake on July 6, 2019.

They were supposed to have it on June 23 at the Castor Rodeo Grounds, but due to poor weather, we ended up on one of the Neutral Hills 4-H club rodeo days.

It went well with lots of participants.

On July 21 – 23, eight kids and two adults from our club went hiking in Nordegg for our year end trip.

We left the Burlocks house and stopped in the town of Gull Lake for ice cream and went to the beach for 15 minutes.

The next stop was the Nordegg Hostel. Once we got to the hostel, we unpacked and then went to Crescent Falls.

We looked at the waterfalls and went to a river to skip rocks and dunk our toes in it. That night we had a fire and cooked s’mores.

The next day we hiked to Siffleur Falls and made it to the first waterfall.

After that we tried to get to the next falls but took a wrong turn and got lost.

We ate lunch in a dry riverbed and then tried to find a different trail but it was a dead end.

We backtracked and found the trail we were supposed to take but decided to just go back to the first falls and found a nice place to dip our toes in.

We stopped at Abraham Lake for an hour. The water came from the glaciers and because of that it was freezing!

When we got back to the hostel we went in the sauna.

The next morning we went hiking in Nordegg on a little trail.

It was a nice trail but it had rained the night before so the mosquitoes were terrible. When we finished the hike we ate lunch and then went home.

All of the kids agreed that it was a fun trip and would like to do it again in the future.


by Maisie Burlock and Tess Shannon

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