Hijab attack a hoax

Khowlah Noman a Muslim girl who was 11 years old claimed on Jan. 12 that she was attacked by an Asian man twice using a pair of scissors to cut her hijab.
I watched the report on TV and it was obvious that something in that report didn’t hold water.
The girl had on a heavy parka coat. There was no way that somebody could have cut her hijab without taking her coat off. If she did have a damaged hijab, it was not shown on the TV report.
The other thing about the report that appeared phony was the news conference that was immediately called with her talking to the TV reporters.
If the attack had actually happened the girl would have been terrified and hysterical. There is no way she would have been able to participate in a news conference calm cool and collected.
Tarek Fatah who is a Muslim journalist and a columnist said much the same thing.
The rest of the media, especially TV media and the usual suspects, Trudeau, the Ontario Premier and the Toronto Mayor were very quick to condemn the actions of the so called perpetrator.
Of course these same people were quick to step back when the police said that it was a hoax, by simply stating something like, we need to take seriously actions like this as it can be a sign of increased intolerance.
Terah Fetah, in a column in the Edmonton Sun said the central question is “Why are 11-year old girls wearing the hijab? We are a society that accommodates all, but not the Swastika or the KKK cone hat, but when it comes to the flag of the fascist Muslim Brotherhood, the hijab, we give it the benefit of the doubt.”
He goes on to say that the hijab has nothing to do with Islam as a religion.
I do NOT believe that this girl and her little brother concocted this episode by themselves.
I highly suspect that she was coached by her mother or someone else. Her mother and a Muslim activist from Mississauga showed up very quickly with her mother crying, wearing niqab and with her face covered for the hastily called press conference.
I have said in a previous column, there is no reason for anyone to have their face covered in this country unless they are a criminal with intent to rob a bank or some other nefarious event.
In his column, Terek Fatah says that the burka should be banned in all of Canada’s public places. I agree.
He says Canada’s politicians continue to rely on the advice of Islamists who seem to have a presence in all parties.
What really bothers me is that when it was discovered that the incident was a hoax, how quickly the media, politicians and police dropped the issue and said there was no need for further investigation.
In my opinion, when it was discovered that the episode was a hoax, there was a real need for further investigation. We needed to see the damaged hijab and proof as to who actually came up with this scam.
There seems to have been some kind of a conspiracy to cover up the real facts of this event.
It seems that more and more Muslim extremists are controlling the Islamist agenda. This does not bode well for Canada. As soon as someone is critical of a Muslim or Islamist activity they are accused of being intolerant, racist or Islamophobic but it is fair game to make the same accusations about Christians or Christianity.
Why is it not intolerant when other religions are criticized in a similar way?
There is a double standard in this country when it comes to the issue of Muslims versus other religions. Our politicians do not seem to understand that they are playing into the hands of Muslim extremists.

by Herman Schwenk

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