Highways to be repaved

Paintearth county council

County of Paintearth CAO Tarolyn Aaserud reported to council at their regular meeting on Tues., Apr. 19 that Alberta Transportation announced the following highway construction projects will take place within the

County of Paintearth during the 2016 construction season:
– Nelson Creek Culvert construction on Provincial Highway 872 near the Town of Coronation.

Budget 2016 presented an updated provincial construction program.

The following project is new to the program:
– Highway 12 paving from 1 km east of Highway 855 to Highway 36
– Highway 599 paving from 14 km east of Highway 36 to Highway 872
– Highway 36 paving from 5 km south of Highway 12 to 2 km south of Highway 12
– Highway 12 paving from 10 km east of Highway 36 to 2 km east of the Town of Coronation.

Paintearth Lodge receives county advance
Council agreed to advance the Castor and District Housing Authority half of their requested $516,833 to replace carpeting, countertops, handwashing sinks and change some plumbing at the Paintearth Lodge.

According to Paintearth Lodge Manager Marcy Renschler, in 2013 the Castor and District Housing Authority received the Lodge Renewal Funding Initiative Grant from the Alberta Government in the amount of $165,000.

At that time, as the building had just recently been renovated, those dollars were put into a maintenance reserve with  Municipal Affairs with the intent of spending it within the next three years.

In 2015, projects were identified and have been approved by Municipal Affairs due to increasing public health regulations and lodge accommodation standards.

Funding will be paid out to Castor and District Housing when the project is 30 per cent complete, then 60 per cent complete and then 90 per cent complete with the final 10 per cent being paid out once Municipal Affairs receives the audited report.

Renschler explained that because Paintearth Lodge operates on a tight budget and is in the final stages of spending the 2015 requisition dollars, they are requesting the requisitioning municipalities forward half of the 2016 requisition dollars which will help with the flow of the projects, as the Lodge cannot put out the $165,000 and wait until the government forwards the grant.

The amounts were based on the previous 2015 budget due to the 2016 budget having not yet been approved.
Castor and District Housing Authority also requested an advance from the Town of Castor for half of $33,282, the Town of Coronation for half of $33,634 and the Village of Halkirk for half $3,228.

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