Highest pandemic spending of G20

Dear Editor,

The past nine months of the pandemic we have seen a Canada under the leadership of Justin Trudeau a.k.a., The Great Houdini.

He has been able to enforce our country to have a non-sitting Parliament perhaps in a time when most needed and his pandemic spending is the highest in all G20 countries of the world.

The spending of billions+++ is unsubstantiated and unavailable in spite of numerous requests from the Opposition.

Once again this Government is under investigation of yet more unethical practices involving tax payers money???

When questioned he prorogued Parliament,shutting down all committee reports and meetings so as not to be exposed of a scandal.

When pressured again he called for a vote of non-confidence to try and force an election.

The last thing during a pandemic Canadians need is an election.

He is now out campaigning for an “early election”  call.

Meanwhile assuring Canadians that “we are all in this together and he has Canadians backs”.

I wonder when the next “rabbit will be pulled from his hat”.


Gayle Smigg

Hanna, Alta.

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