High speed Internet not coming to Alix any time soon

Many take high speed Internet for granted but countless rural communities like Alix are still fighting to get that luxury.
The larger Internet companies don’t service small communities and that’s where Alberta company Axia Fibre Net comes in.
Last March the village of Alix signed an access agreement with Axia to provide high speed Internet by 2018 but that’s been pushed to 2019 now. Axia requires 345 sign-ups in Alix before they start.
“It’s what their business model is,” said Alix Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Michelle White during Alix’s regular meeting March 7.
“They spent time with their engineer to do a cost analysis to put fibre optics in the ground and guarantees for cost recovery to meet profit margins.”
Coun. Ed Cole said high speed internet is integral for the community to attract new residents and businesses.
Mayor Rob Fehr agreed saying that Internet is important to families with children in school who need the service to complete many homework projects.
Council unanimously voted in favour of starting a community campaign aimed at getting more people to sign up for Axia.

Making streets safer
Council voted in favour of erecting a three-way stop sign at Lake Street and 47 Ave. for a cost of about $300.
This move was driven by resident complaints.
“We had significant amount of citizen concerns brought forward,” said CAO White.
Coun. Ed Cole said a three-way stop was the cheapest option and best place to start.

Mapping Alix’s future
Council started the process of developing a Strategic Plan and wants to engage the community.
Coun. Vicky Soltermann said she would like to get the information out to the residents as soon as possible so they can give their input.
Council is expected to complete their workbooks by March 14 and village staff wants feedback from the community by March 30.
Council’s ideas will be brought to council March 21. An open house will be held.
The plan will contain the village’s vision, mission, core values, goals and annual priorities.
The process of developing the plan is being facilitated by Alberta Community Development and Culture.

Lisa Joy
ECA Review

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