Helping the poor in El Salvador

A group from Hanna went to El Salvador to build 13 individual homes for those in need. From the left, David Dyck and Mary Dyck, Kent and Shelley Knudson, Bill and Kathy Anderson, Gordon and Donna Cheney, Nadine Kohlman, Connie and Merle Blair and Rhonda Halter. ECA Review/Submitted

A team from Hanna, Alta. travelled to El Salvador with Shelter Canada to construct galvanized metal homes for the poor.

The group of six individuals travelling from Hanna were joined by four other people from Airdrie and two more from Calgary on Feb. 1, 2020.

With the help from the El Salvadorians from the local communities, the team was able to build 13 homes.

The team fundraised for homes for the underprivileged in El Salvador with each home costing $3,400 Canadian.

Each team member funded their own travel expenses with the house costs raised through the generosity of people in Hanna and others along with fundraising work projects.

Shelter built by the Hanna group.


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