Hello folks….

Dear Editor,
Just a note to say how much we appreciate your newspaper stepping to the plate and keeping us informed of the shenanigans that both our provincial and federal politicians are trying to pull on us!

Kenney is a disgrace to the Conservative Party name and Trudeau is not too far behind as far as the Liberal name is concerned…..not like true conservatives like Lougheed or even Mulroney. I’m sure Trudeau Sr. is rolling over in his grave with the scandals and coverups his offspring has unloaded on us….

Getting back to your newspaper. As I mentioned to the publisher when I called last week, it is refreshing to have a more centralist view on politics rather than the right wing opinions of Post Media and Corus radio which is all we have in this province…

I understand a person needs time to take a break from her work keeping track of the political goings on both here in Alberta and in Ottawa, but please know Ms. Schimke, your editorials are sorely missed!
PS…I am sending a small donation to help a bit with your distribution costs.

Cliff Buchanan,
Hanna. Alta.

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