Heisler Deputy Mayor resigns

Sven Bernard, Deputy Mayor for the Village of Heisler has recently resigned from his position due to what he calls a “difference of opinion in what and how this village should be run and I don’t want my name associated with the way it is done, so I rather resign then be responsible for it.”

Bernard would not disclose what specific issues were the tipping point for his decision.  When asked by the ECA Review he said, “Not really anything worth mentioning. Just overall I could no longer have my name involved”.

Amanda Howell, village CAO, told the ECA Review during a phone interview that, “It is always unfortunate to lose a council member, but what can you do.”

Howell was not at liberty to disclose what issues contributed to Bernard’s departure.

Bernard’s resignation will be brought before council as information at their next regular meeting on Aug. 18, at which time a date will be set to elect a new Deputy Mayor.

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