Hector King-Hunter Pioneer Park handed over

The Town of Hanna owns property that includes the Community Centre and Hector King-Hunter Pioneer Park.

The Hector King-Hunter Pioneer Park Association held a lease on the westerly 300 feet of both properties through an agreement registered on the title for the last 46 years.

Both parties entered into a 50-year lease agreement which was expected to expire in 2025.

The association disbanded in 2017 but prior to this, they operated the park.

The reason association decided to end things is that they were unable to manage and operate the park satisfactorily and requested that the Town take over the operation and maintenance of the park.

The Town has operated and maintained the park since then and the association is now finally getting to the point that they wanted to formally turn over the operation of the park including all their assets to the Town and officially terminate their lease and to dissolve as an association.

The remaining association funds in the amount of $15,195.40 will be turned over to the Town and put into reserves for future improvements to the park.

Council accepted their disbanding and the responsibility/funds to continue maintaining the public space.

Six cent water increase

During budget deliberations, council was provided information regarding the increase in the cost for water from the Henry Kroeger Regional Water Services Commission from $2.83 to $2.89 per cubic meter.

As a result, the town’s 2021 budget was approved with a corresponding increase in rates for water consumption for properties serviced by the Town of Hanna.

Bylaw 1014-2021, the Municipal Public Utilities Amendment Bylaw, was presented to council to officially increase the rate for water consumption by six cents.

The rates and fees charged are effective as of Jan. 1, 2021.

The minimum invoice per billing period will remain at $133.50 for residential properties, as the only change to the bylaw is the rate for water consumed.

For most commercial properties, the minimum bill per billing period will remain at $122.50.

VIC operating agreement

The Town of Hanna owns the facility located on South Municipal Road that is commonly known as the Visitor Information Centre (VIC).

Administration entered discussions with representatives of the Hanna Learning Centre (HLC) and the Hanna Business Hub (HUB) regarding their interest in managing and operating the VIC.

The town approached the two entities as administration felt it ‘seemed like a good fit for their business enterprise as they currently manage all things business and economic development as well as welcome to Hanna initiatives.

Tourism is an off-shoot of economic development. It could possibly reduce the overall operating cost of the facility to the Town of Hanna while still providing satisfactory levels of service.’

Council agreed to enter into an agreement with the HLC and HUB. Following an initial meeting with HLC and HUB representatives the HUB prepared and submitted a proposal to manage the VIC as a pilot project for the 2021 season.

During this time the Business Hub is proposing to take over the financial responsibility for the VIC seasonal staffing requirements, VIC staff travel and training and advertising, marketing and printing.

The town will still operate utilities, maintenance, insurance and share in some of the communication efforts.

Since its opening, the town has operated the facility as a Visitor Information Centre typically open weekends from the long weekend in May to the beginning of July where it then operates 7 days/week until the end of August.


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