Heavy arm of tyranny raised

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Dear Editor,

There is no denying there was one Nazi flag and a confederate flag was seen during the Trucker convoy protest in Ottawa but was very quickly chased out by the protestors.  

Never have I seen so much pride taken in the Canadian flag as I have seen now.  

With thousands of protestors it is expected there will be an incident here and there of unruliness but organizers were adamant and constantly reminding everyone that this was a peaceful protest against draconian and arbitrary mandates that people were losing their careers over, losing their freedom to a productive life, and losing their freedom to have autonomy over their own bodies and that of their children.  

Organizer Tamara Lich asked people to pray for our prime minister and his family.  

Protestors were shovelling sidewalks, picking up garbage, feeding the homeless and were respectful to law enforcement.  

Trudeau refused to acknowledge his fellow Canadian’s concerns and instead, in my opinion, vilified and disparaged the convoy.  He then thought that after displaying his utter contempt of the convoy he could just hide his head in the sand and they would go away.  They didn’t.

Now the heavy arm of tyranny has been raised and is falling hard.  These simple working-class people who are trying to make a living who dared to stand up are experiencing the worst infringement of freedoms that are only seen in communist and dictatorial regimes, in my opinion.  

More people had better start standing up right now before it is too late because “they”  will come for you!


Alana Stefanik

Big Valley, Alta.

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