Head lice misdiagnosis prevents child from attending Princess Ball

Dear Editor,
Recently my child had won an online bid for the Cystic Fibrosis of Canada’s yearly annual event known as the Stettler Princess Ball .
The package that my child won included a limo ride, hair and nails done, as well as entry for two to the ball .
When it was time to do her hair, the hairdresser at a local shop in central Alberta refused based on a diagnosis of head lice.
Her information and misdiagnosis was then passed on to the organizers of the event who basically refused her entry based on this misdiagnosis.
I was offered a partial payment back but the question as to why remains unanswered. Was it based on race ? Was it based on income ?
I immediately took my child to emergency to check for possible head lice, because a person certainly does not want to spread lice.
However, the doctor, who has the credentials, stated no head lice was in her hair, leaving me to believe my child was discriminated against.
As a result of that discrimination, she was denied access because of a hairdresser that had basically no credentials to properly diagnosis a case of head lice.
Crystal Day Chief
Big Valley, Ab.

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