Hats off to you!

Dear Publisher,

Please find enclosed a cheque for $50 for a “symbolic” subscription to the East Central Alberta Review, an excellent newspaper.

I especially like the editorials by Brenda Schimke.

She researches her facts and presents them in easy to read form.

As others have suggested, I also think it would be beneficial for provincial and federal politicians to read!

We are still getting the Review in our mailbox but still wanted to send this cheque.

Thank you and your staff for a job well done!

Evelyn O’Hara,

Stettler, Alta.


Dear Editor,

Enclosed is a money order for $100 dollars. I would like a one year subscription. My mailing address is on the envelope. The extra $50 is for a donation to your paper.

I really enjoy reading the paper. It covers a large variety of things and places.

Hats off to you and your staff in these troubling times.

Melody Laughlin

Youngstown, Alta.

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