Hardisty Town Council readies for public hearing

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The process of rezoning the land around the GSC Energy area in the industrial subdivision into M1 Industrial begins, with  Hardisty council hosting a public hearing on October 8 at the next council meeting.

“Unless we get any severe protest from adjacent landowners I see no reason for us to deny the rezoning request,” said Kevin Miller, CAO.

There have been two rezoning requests for this area, one by Horizon North who intend to bring their temporary-permanent work camp back into Hardisty, and another from a local business seeking to expand its shop.

“We chose to make these two requests one Bylaw and one hearing for the sake of efficiency. They are not entirely connected to each other; a gray area,” Miller said.

The Town donated a $5000 walk-in-cooler to the Hardisty Town Hall to replace the old one, which was becoming a safety hazard.

A delegation from Alberta Highway Services arrived to present their mobile Asphalt plant initiative. The plan is vague and still in development, but the basis is that the plan will “Help communities bind together and get better quality hot mix asphalt at a better price,” said Jason Panter, General manager.

In closing, CAO Miller  spoke with optimism regarding Hardisty’s growth.

“It has been a very good year for development in the town of Hardisty. We have approved over 10 million dollars in development permits this year and expect more to come,” Miller said.

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